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The Situation

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Parents and caregivers today need to be equipped to have conversations with their children about safety online, and they need to understand the unique risks when sexual exploration and technology mix. We’re here for that.


It starts earlier than you might think

Just as children reach physical developmental milestones, they also reach them related to sexual development. Parents can help support healthy online lives for kids by knowing what to expect as they develop. It’s key to note that stages aren’t always the same for every child. Scroll through the timeline to explore child development through a digital lens, and how online activity changes over time.


Take the first step

Whether you’re just getting started or are struggling to break through, here are some topics to learn more and guide conversations.

Talking Tips

Conversation Starters

Talking openly with your kids not only increases their knowledge about the topic but their willingness to tell you when issues come up. These conversation starters and discussion guides can help guide uncomfortable but critical conversations.

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We build powerful products, lead innovative programs, maintain essential resources, and develop awareness campaigns to defend children from sexual abuse. We believe in using technology to build a world where every child is free to simply be a kid.
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