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Kids today face a very different set of challenges. There’s a whole new landscape where a child’s relationship with technology and normal sexual development overlap, with a whole new set of experiences online. And they need your help to navigate it safely.
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Whether this is your first time talking to your child or you’ve broached a topic before, here are some areas to learn more about and guide conversations.

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Talking openly with your kids not only increases their knowledge about the topic but their willingness to tell you when issues come up. These conversation starters and discussion guides can help guide uncomfortable but critical conversations.

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What do your friends use their phone / tablet for?

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You’re getting your own tablet / phone, let’s talk about what that means.

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Helpful guides to jump start your dialogues about online safety

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[Transcript of video. A phone screen shows a chat conversation between an adult and a child]

Person 1 (Adult):
Why might people want to chat with each other during games?

Person 2 (Child):
To make friends or learn new things about the game

Person 1:
That sounds like fun. Do you think it's safe to talk to anyone that talks to you online?

Person 2:
I guess so

Person 1:
Well there are nice people online and some people that aren't nice or hurt other people.

Person 2:
[child is typing]

[Video repeats]

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