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The Issues with Resharing Nudes

Nudes are circulating in schools earlier than you think. In fact, kids are more likely to see an image circulating of someone else, than to share a nude themselves, 1 in 5 kids 9-17 say they have seen nudes that were shared non-consensually.
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Why talking about this is important

Given the nature of technology, the passing along of a nude that has been “leaked” can seem relatively harmless when you don’t have to look the person in the face. We’ve found that the point of most harm often occurs when content is reshared without consent. A key component in keeping your kids, and others, safe is helping them understand that even though this is happening to many kids, it is not okay. It is crucial to encourage them to not participate in this behavior and to empower them to call it out when they see it.

In this guide you will:

  • Guide them in how to support their friends or peers if their images are leaked.
  • Understand how they think about leaked nudes.
  • Start laying the foundation for respect, consent, and trust.

What to expect from your kid

This can be a tough conversation, particularly when kids are starting to value the opinions of their peers and going against the grain of what has been normalized at their school or in their friend groups can feel uncomfortable. Teaching your child to take action and ask for help when faced with peer pressure requires baby steps, patience and ongoing conversation.

First steps

How to start talking

Though this topic may feel difficult to take on, discouraging your child from participating in the distribution of images will not only keep them out of trouble, but will also prevent them from participating in amplifying the harm one of their peers may be experiencing. Here are some entry points to get you started:
  • Someone’s nudes are leaked in your child’s school or community.
  • The topic is covered in a movie or TV show you are watching.
  • They tell you about something similar that happened to someone they know.

Do you know what a naked picture is?

Conversation Script

Let's play this out

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